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Solving Waste Water Pollution – High Returns

Concerns around climate change and environmental sustainability are at an all-time high in New Zealand. And it’s ironic that the very sectors that have driven economic growth here, are now widely seen to be key drivers in the degradation of our environment.

Concerns around climate change and environmental sustainability are at an all-time high in New Zealand. And it’s ironic that the very sectors that have driven economic growth here, are now widely seen to be key drivers in the degradation of our environment.
The pollution some of these industries contribute to water quality, now threatens the natural capital that has been part of the New Zealand way of life, and put at risk the global perception of our pure New Zealand brand.
The Resource Management Act
These concerns are not new. The RMA came into force in 1991 and brought in regulations around environmental sustainability. Since then the compliance requirements associated with the dairy industry have expanded considerably, with central government, regional councils and territorial authorities enforcing compliance with an increasingly robust and pervasive framework of controls.
For example, recent announcements by the Environment Minister regarding the potential regulation of the dairy industry and the requirements to limit effluent discharge, create huge challenges for the participants.
The solution
LiquidStrip has a patented effluent management system that converts liquid waste streams into clean water and solids. It uses a multi-stage process combining their proprietary chemical flocculation stage with mechanical filtration.
It has immediate application in the dairy, concrete and trade-waste sectors. An operational unit was completed and released at the June 2014 NZ field days and has won a number of innovation awards.  
Initial work was carried out some years ago with well-known and credible industry partners including the Auckland University of Technology (AUT) School of Engineering, Stainless Design, NZ Controls, and Hills Laboratories. Further development discussions have been initiated with a range of additional future parties; including ESR and SCION.
The first system was sold in 2018 to an Auckland based liquid waste contractor. After a very  comprehensive commissioning the system is fully operational, successfully processing a broad range of liquid waste collected from; storm water runoff, hydro-excavation, and grease trap and industrial sumps clean outs where the waste content can vary considerably in pH, % solids, fats, hydrocarbon and heavy metal content.
LiquidStrip’s complete system can work with both continuous and batch flow and can handle very high solids. It is scalable and is capable of being retrofitted into existing infrastructure if required.
Furthermore, the resulting “clean” water can be recycled and used in wash down and/or processing water, or further treated to a range of levels depending on the desired end use.

Depending on the industry sector removed solids can be either disposed of in a significantly reduced volume or re-used, in Dairy as fertilizer or biofuel, or in concrete as aggregates to go back into concrete production
A wide range of international applications
While “invented” here initially for the dairy industry, its applications are worldwide and within different industries including wine production, aquaculture, dredging, mining, and food and meat processing. Some examples.

  • The construction industry – processing highly alkaline waste water generated from yard or concrete trucks wash down, resulting in clear recyclable water and re-usable graded aggregates.
  • Storm water – removing dissolved solids, hydro carbons, heavy metal pollutants and trade waste to produce clear water that can be further treated to adjust pH and kill any pathogens prior to being released into the sea.
  • Businesses - collecting and processing waste.
  • Food & Meat processors – removing food and fat solids from the liquid waste stream
The Directors of LiquidStrip Limited have prepared a comprehensive financial model of the company and have applied detailed assumptions of market opportunities, which in their view, presents a conservative deployment of the LiquidStrip technology.
The Opportunity
The Company is now looking to raise capital to exploit internationally its patented effluent management systems in the dairy, concrete, and liquids treatment industries.
It is seeking up to $3,000,000 new capital by the issue of new ordinary shares in the company. The shares will rank equally with the existing shares on issue.
Financial projections
These are available in the IM. They show revenues rising to $7.2 million in 2020 with an EBITDA of $2.9 million, and revenues of $23.5 million and an EBITDA of $11.6 million for 2023.
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