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TBK Capital has previously raised capital for Icehouse Ventures which is currently raising $30 million for their third flagship investment fund that supports early stage New Zealand technology companies.

TBK Capital has previously raised capital for Icehouse Ventures which is currently raising $30 million for their third flagship investment fund that supports early stage New Zealand technology companies.

The fund was announced to their existing investors in March and already has more the $15 million committed. It builds upon their experience form investing in 288 early stage companies since 2003.

These previous seed funds were among the first investors in standouts including Mint Innovation, First AML, Dawn Aerospace, Halter, and Sharesies.  

Icehouse Ventures Seed Fund III

This Fund III will invest in another 30 early stage technology companies over the next three to four years. The rational is that the next generation of startups will be the largest, boldest, and most experience New Zealand has ever seen.

Many of tomorrow’s founders will have worked with and learned from today’s leaders like Rocket Lab (where the founder of Halter previously worked), Lanzatech (where the founder of Mint worked), and Xero (where the founders of Sharesies worked).

Seed Fund III is now positioned to access and invest in this next generation as a result of Icehouse Ventures time and scale-based advantages. Icehouse Ventures has the largest community of founders, $250 million in funds under management, 1,500 investors, and among the largest and most experienced team in venture capital in New Zealand.

Supporting early stage companies

The Fund will stick to what Icehouse Ventures knows and is known for; finding, investing in, and supporting promising early stage technology startups. It is led by the same Partners who established and executed upon the earlier funds - all of whom are investing personally again.
The companies they support are typically:

  • 1-5 years old with teams of 2-20 employees.

  • Raising their 1st or 2nd rounds of capital.

  • Based upon unique insights or research.

  • Targeting global opportunities with $100m+ annual revenue potential.

Icehouse Ventures track record

Icehouse Ventures’ earlier seed funds have invested in 79 startups since the first active fund (named “Tuhua Ventures I”) was launched in 2016.

Of the 79 investments; 7 startups have delivered positive exits; 6 companies have failed; and the remaining are still operating.

Live investments include Halter (~50x uplift on their first round), First AML (~30x uplift) Sharesies (~25x uplift) as well as a number of other notable start-ups including Tradify, Nanolayr, Joyous, and Partly.

The live companies are collectively generating over $100 million in revenue and employ more than1,000 Full Tim Equivalent employees.  $41 million was invested by the earlier seed funds and the current holding value (based on last round valuations) is $71.5m. The current IRR for the earlier funds ranges from 5%-62%.
Current Opportunity

Icehouse Ventures anticipates completing a final close for this fund over Q2. The minimum investment is $50,000, which is paid 25% up front and then in 25% tranches over three years.

For further information you can review their Information Pack here or watch this brief video.

Then if you’d like invest, or to know more, email us at  or call me on 021 902 901 and I can arrange for the documents to be sent to you.

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