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Domestic and export dried food business

DryNZ Ltd has been operating for five years as a premium producer and supplier of dehydrated New Zealand fruit and vegetable pieces, powders and slices. The company’s vision is to be a global provider of sustainable, environmentally responsible, and nutritious New Zealand dried food products.

DryNZ Ltd has been operating for five years as a premium producer and supplier of dehydrated New Zealand fruit and vegetable pieces, powders and slices. The company’s vision is to be a global provider of sustainable, environmentally responsible, and nutritious New Zealand dried food products.

It is backed by a committed group of owners, management and team members, dedicated to creating a New Zealand business with an excellent reputation for delivering quality products and services.

Over the past five years the company has tripled the size of its Waiuku-based factory to 600 square metres, creating a fully functional world-class production facility capable of operating 24/7.

There are also benefits for New Zealand’s crop growers. DryNZ makes full use of any non-export sized produce, increasing both yield and profit margins for suppliers, and reducing natural wastage.

Demand for dried product

With the impacts of Covid-19 receding, there will be noticeable increase in new opportunities for DryNZ. 

New Zealand based food producers - hampered by pandemic induced supply chain issues, transportation cost and logistical uncertainty - will be looking for companies like DryNZ to provide home-sourced product for an increasingly discerning consumer base seeking safe, high quality nutritional products.

DryNZ has also grown its reputation as a trusted provider of unique services to a variety of New Zealand-based industries, who are seeking their expertise across the growing sustainable food waste, pharmaceutical and skin-care sectors.

This has become one of DryNZ’s biggest growth areas, and it now dries bread and spent brewery grain for companies focusing on reducing food waste.
Near-expired supermarket bread and spent brewery grain is delivered to DryNZ where it is de-bagged, de-tagged, sliced and dried. The dried bread is then added to the brewers’ vats with other ingredients to make beer. The remnants from this process are spent grain which DryNZ then dries and mills to make flour.

Trials with the re-used bread/spent grain flour are now taking place - via one of New Zealand’s largest bakeries and burger stores - with an early September launch of a new burger bun being sold in supermarkets.

Partnering for success

Further opportunities have arisen in a range of partnerships.

A New Zealand owned nutritional health food company, which has developed a new beverage formulation using DryNZ’s New Zealand-sourced ingredients, such as kale, spinach, blackcurrant and apple.

A New Zealand baker will be developing a new loaf using five different vegetables. This is expected to be launched to the consumer market in September 2023. Trials using Dry NZ ingredients will begin in September 2022.

And New Zealand’s second-largest pharmaceutical company has begun producing mushroom powder, produced by DryNZ for children’s health capsules for export to China. That company is making two million capsules, and will see twenty 40 foot containers head off our shores bound for China in mid-August.

International collaboration

Over the past 18 months DryNZ has been worked successfully with Viberi Organics sending blackcurrants to Japan; Chantal Organics and their new muesli; Figs Direct and their dried figs; and akin care company in the development of their new range made using dried Manuka leaves.

DryNZ’s agility, expertise and reputation as a trusted provider of first-class product has enabled its growth on an unprecedented scale. Over the past 18 months it has taken full advantage of its ability to realise efficiency gains undergoing an extensive programme of upskilling across our labour force.
It has attained BioGro NZ Organic status through Ministry of Primary Industries RMP/HACCP status and Halal certifications. And has become an approved and accredited supplier to Nestle World’s Responsible Sourcing Programme,Goodman Fielder and Unipharm.

And DryNZ’s online store has grown its customer base to become the chosen source of products for use as trial ingredients by companies such as Harraways and Tom & Luke’s snack range.

Expert capabilities and market knowledge

In the five years since its inception DryNZ has gained significant knowledge, expertise and operating capability. The company’s intellectual property and physical assets include first-hand experience and knowledge of the food industry, including:
Air-drying technology.

  • Strong and enduring supplier relationships and an end-to-end chain of custody.

  • Robust supply chain logistics to support global export requirements.

  • Strategic focus on new business development opportunities, such as sustainable waste collaborations.

  • Development of prototype product through successive testing and trials, including market testing, to refine flavour, appearance and health characteristics.

  • Full commercial runs of developed products.

  • Packaging, sales tactics and selling proposition development.

  • Food safety and quality assurance systems.

  • Identification and development of potential customer and product offerings pipeline.

The company’s “pure NZ” brand, it packaging, website and stock  - including pure NZ drinking fruit sachets, pure NZ dried fruit and vegetable pieces and powders herbs and spices - together with its adaptable business fortitude is a major part of its key to success.

DryNZ is poised to enter an exciting new era. It has an opportunity to revitalise its operating model and, in this respect, is poised to begin a new journey, steadfastly focused on a bright and successful future.

Capital raise and application of funds

Successful adaptation in this fast-moving environment requires increased capacity and capability to ensure DryNZ continues to provide the highly valued service its customers are seeking.

Further investment is required to meet these demands in terms of both quantity and quality - and will enable the company to strengthen its position as a trusted supplier of New Zealand’s high quality dried product. According the company is seeking $500,000 up to $1,000,000 through the issue of new ordinary shares in the company.

Reply to this email for a copy of Investment Memorandum describing the Offer. And a visit to the DryNZ factory in Waiuku is welcome. Email or call me at any time if that’s of interest.

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