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Panic? Borrowing and investing will continue!

As 2020 financial year draws to a close, I’ve had the time to reflect on the recent coronavirus scare – which appears to have introduced some panic on the financial markets. This is a moving matter but at the time of writing this newsletter

As 2020 financial year draws to a close, I’ve had the time to reflect on the recent coronavirus scare – which appears to have introduced some panic on the financial markets. This is a moving matter but at the time of writing this newsletter here’s what the Herald had to say.
First I guess the good news is for the vast majority of people who contract this disease it is not deadly. And the latest research shows that children and young people are at an especially low risk of health complications. Actually it reminds me about the panic over flu virus some years ago which if I remember correctly, 99% survived and of the 1% that didn’t 85% were over 75.
Second let’s not forget the universal practice by papers that sensationalism sells, so coronavirus continues to hit the headlines. And on TV the other day was that really real all those people fighting over rolls of toilet paper in the supermarkets here in New Zealand? By the way, there is a positive sign about this as it’s a Dunedin factory working overtime to produce more.
Third, those of us who remember the 1987 sharemarket crash and the causes, some of which can be seen here, can recall borrowing money to invest in shares was common at the time. This practice exacerbated both the impact on people’s finances and the fall of the market as lenders called in their loans. Then there was the REIT scandal of some years ago where properties were bundled into negotiable securities at inflated prices.
So it wasn’t surprising to see s0me irrational behaviour in the sharemarket in the U.S. driven by the drop in the Oil price. Or that airlines were seeing cuts in domestic and international services. However now at the time of writing this I can already see some sense appearing.
Now of course, for obvious reasons, the share price of a listed company is an important factor when it wished to raise money. But an SME’s ability to raise equity and debt is specifically based on its balance sheet, and its previous and projected financial performance which show its ability to service debt and pay dividends.
It’s always difficult to predict how the events above will affect the ability for Businesses to raise debt or equity but we don’t see any change. Clearly this is a function of their past and predicted profitability and cash flow for the business, and of course their current balance sheet.  
I’ve already spoken to a number of lenders who have said these happenings have no bearing on changing their lending criteria. So if you’re looking for money call us.
Investment Opportunities
If you’re a subscriber to our Opportunities newsletters you’ll have seen those we have available. But here’s an update on few of them. For information about other Offers see our website.
Reply to this email or call me on 021 902 901 for further information.
Amberley Retirement Village
See the offer here. One Unit is anticipated to return $164,000 tax free during the development and on completion. Once the village is completed that share is budgeted to return an annual income of $70,000 per year from the relicensing of the Units. This is partly tax sheltered by the depreciation on the village. And I can’t think of any investment much more recession proof than retirement villages now having to cope with the increased demand as baby boomers retire.
Not surprisingly with a predicted 64% return plus tax incentives this is now fully subscribed except for only 3 of the $100,000 Units. By the way I’ve got more of these retirement villages to come, so happy to take expressions of interest from potential investors.

See overview of this offer here. Recent new packaging designs means millions of Chinese may soon wake up to a new health and well-being sachet - ‘Pure NZ drinking fruit’.
DryNZ has developed a wellness product using fresh fruit from their heartland growers. The fruit has been freshly dried to perfection and milled into a fine powder then blended with NZ manuka honey powder. There are five flavours – blackcurrant, peach, kiwifruit, apple and lemon. This natural gluten and preservative free product can be mixed with hot or cold water, used as a topping for breakfast foods, congee, as well as in smoothies, fruit teas and snack foods.
As a result of their research, DryNZ believes China is poised for a new natural health product like this that fits with their new global initiative ‘Healthy China 2030’.
Nelson Luxury Home Development - Projected 40% Return
With the current uncertainty in the Northern Hemisphere Markets due to Covid-19 and the recent fall in the Financial Markets, there is even more reason for Offshore buyers to secure their place in the Sun in New Zealand.
Since our last newsletter the Marketing Plan has been finalized and the Concept Plans -including the addition of a Media Room - completed and the Detailed Drawings are now underway.
Interested parties are encouraged to speak to the developer, so reply to this email or call me for his contact details. The investment has a projected 40% return to Investors over 2 years, refer the Offer here.

Want to Know More?
If you’d like to know more about any project in this Newsletter, email or give me a call on +64 21 902 901.

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