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Opportunities Update - August 2013

Here's our latest Opportunities Update. In it we preview upcoming Opportunities and update you on current projects.


Here's our latest Opportunities Update. In it we preview upcoming Opportunities and update you on current projects.

By the way, if you’re looking to raise Funds – Equity or Debt – for your business (or to build, purchase, or renovate property) then you should be talking to us.

New Opportunities

The following projects are currently under review or mandated to TBK Capital to raise funds for expansion. Please reply to this email or call us on +649 307 3257 or +6421 902 901 about those that interest you.

Any further information may be subject to signing a confidentiality agreement.

Rest Home Expansion

Our client has successfully purchased rest homes and converted them into profitable operations with a mixture of rest home residents and tenants, dementia residents and hospital care patients.

Their formula has been so successful they wish to seize new opportunities now available to expand the business further. One acquisition is under due diligence and more are in sight.

The aging of the New Zealand population and fact that people are living longer necessitates a new look at aged care, and just as the retirement village sector has grown spectacularly over the last decade, the aged care sector is poised to take the same leap. According to a Grant Thornton report, "Over the 20 years between 2006 and 2026, the New Zealand population is expected to grow by almost 20% from 4.2 million to 5.0 million. Similar to most developed countries the New Zealand population is rapidly aging. During the same 20 years, the population aged over 65 is estimated to increase by 84% from 512,000 to 944,000."

This is becoming a topical subject for government and the public alike. The Human Rights Commission, in their Caring Counts paper has recommended “The Prime Minister ensures that the minister with responsibility for older people has a top ten Cabinet ranking to deliver better services, and to provide leadership and co-ordination across ministerial portfolios.” See also upcoming conference.

The aged care market is yet to reach the more sophisticated offerings in the retirement village sector and is demanding more from the owners in the way of location, amenities, infrastructure and quality of product. It is complementary to retirement villages but requires different skills. So there is the opportunity for our client to partner with villages lacking in that resource.

So if you’re interested in participating as an investor or partner in this growing and essential sector email me or give me a call.

Freeflow Pipes

Our client has patented a method of manufacturing downpipes for houses that revolutionises the cost of installation, the number required, and the efficiency in which they operate by doubling the flow rate and eliminating turbulence.

At a time when the housing market is demanding more houses be built and cost savings in housing construction, and when building regulations and tolerances are being tightened to prevent leaky homes, Freeflow Pipes have a product that is more efficient and more cost-effective than anything else on the market.

These patented pipes have three times the life of PVC or Colour Steel, are stronger, take considerably more flow, are one piece - no joins, no leaks - can be pressurised, come in 130 colours, and  have a powder coated decorative surface which is more impact and scratch resistant.

Sounds boring? Well if you’re building your own home, are a group housing company, or an architect - it’s not.

The business has now secured a large share of the home building market through housing companies like G.J. Gardner Homes, Golden Homes, Classic Homes, Platinum Homes, Signature Homes, Stonewood Homes, Jennian Homes and Lockwood Homes.

It has also entered into an agreement with Roofing Industries to supply the Freeflow pipes through their supply chain outlets.

Our client is looking for investors, preferably a cornerstone shareholder, to join the founding shareholders and provide the working capital to consolidate the business here in New Zealand and launch this proven and patented New Zealand product into the Australian market – which is more suited to the mass production of building components and is 5 times the size of that here.


iTravelNZ – New Zealand in your pocket – is already rated “the most comprehensive smart phone travel guide for Aotearoa” in a recent “The best free travel apps” article in the New Zealand Herald and independently rated as the best travel app in NZ by It has already achieved over 27,000 downloads by international tourists and local travellers. The domestic market represents 30% of the total and provides a solid base.

iTravelNZ is integrated with universal apps such as TomTom and NavFree, and has booking affiliations with major brands including TraveBug (TradeMe),,,,, and

Here in New Zealand over 1,500 Points of Interest have been finalised with all locations geo-tagged. Various Regional Tourism Organisations have provided their content to be featured in iTravelNZ.

This is a business.  It specialises in combining travellers’ wants and business needs and obtains revenue from 2 main sources, Business subscriptions and Booking revenue.

Our client has reached the point where the demand is so great he must set up a sales team to obtain business subscriptions from more tourist operators and market iTravelNZ’s presence in key travel locations.

The founder is ideally seeking a business partner who would take a cornerstone shareholding in the business and provide expertise and capital for iTravel to consolidate its leading position in the industry here. However all expressions of interest from potential investors will be considered.

Current Opportunities

Drikolor – New Paint Technology

This offer has closed fully subscribed.

Active Cornerstone Shareholders Required

We have two businesses seeking an active cornerstone shareholder from a Management, Administration or Sales/Marketing background, who wish to become actively involved in the business, and are able to demonstrate the ability to work with the existing management.

In both businesses the existing shareholder/owners are highly experienced in their respective industries, are in proven industry sectors, and only require working capital to move into profitability.

You can see more about these on our website
• E-business Insights Ltd 
• Excel Education

For more information on both opportunities email Sandy Hay or phone him on 021 379 596

Charta Income Fund

The Charta Income Fund generates income from property management and associated real estate agency services. It already has over 800 residential properties under contracted management agreements, predominately in greater Auckland. These include freestanding houses, townhouse complexes and multi-unit developments including high rise residential apartments and student accommodation.

Shares in CIFL have now become available at the issue price. For details see our website. The company has indicated a preference for a cornerstone shareholder to take these up and is now in confidential discussions with parties which have shown interest.

Living Green

Living Green is a proven formulator, manufacturer and marketer of branded, eco-friendly accredited cleaning and hygiene products.

Founder Nigel McLisky has established a joint venture with a China based biochemical research and plant extract Company. Under the joint venture Living Green will co-create branded products and pack the finished products in New Zealand for export back to China and for export to other countries.

The business has secured its first significant order from China of US$123,000 with a US$29,000 deposit. This is due for delivery on 22 September for retail launch in China in October.

The share issue must close at the end of this month. Up to $265,000 representing 15% of the company is still available.

For a copy of the Investment Statement reply to this email or give me a call on +649 307 3257 or +6421 902 901.

None of the above are offers of Securities to the Public and are available only to eligible investors as defined by the Securities Act, or those excluded from the Offer provisions of the Securities Act. They are intended for distribution only to selected people to whom, under the relevant laws, they can be lawfully distributed. They cannot be distributed in any other jurisdiction, or to any other people. They are not offers or solicitations in any jurisdiction in which such offers or solicitations are not authorised, or in which the person making such offers or solicitations are not qualified to do so, or to any person to whom it is unlawful to make such offers or solicitations. Any representation to the contrary would be unlawful. No action has been taken by any person that would permit a public offering in any jurisdiction where action for that purpose would be required.



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