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Housing strength, Business confidence, and Investment spread

If you thought you had seen this heading for one of my newsletters before, you're right. In fact, you've read it twice, here ten years ago and here at the beginning of this year.

Sitesoft - Pre-ASX Listing Offer

First promoted in November 2021, with a further round a year ago, this has turned out to be one of our most sort after Offers. It has had a total raised from people introduced by TBK Capital of over $1,000,000 with an average investment of $67,000.

Housing strength and business confidence

I happened to look up my then oldest Newsletter showing on the TBK Capital website. This was written in April 2013, two years after we started the business. And it had the same headline as above - Housing strength leads business confidence.

Highway22 Revisited

As we approach the end of the calendar year I was interested to see the recent article from 1News reporting the Reserve Bank says New Zealand economy’s 'likely' to enter recession”.

Masks off, uncertainty on, inflation up

Well, it’s certainly been a bit of a ride since the first COVID-19 cases were reported in New Zealand in February 2020.

Spring is here

I was sitting at home alone in Auckland on Saturday, when that persistent strong wind we’ve had forever died down, the rain stopped, and I started writing this newsletter on a beautiful Sunday, clear skies no wind.

Retirement Villages – Tax Incentives

Readers of my Opportunities newsletters may remember a recent one that offered investment in a retirement village in Christchurch. One was briefly mentioned in my last Newsletter a couple of weeks ago.

Looking on the Good Side

You are probably aware that over the years I’ve been sending subscribers like you Newsletters, which mainly comment on the economy, as distinct from Opportunities newsletters, which summarise the investment opportunities we offer.

Property, the economy, investing, and borrowing

An article last month in Newshub observed that “The property market is entering a new phase as a growing supply of homes, higher interest rates and tighter lending rules are contributing to a slow down in price growth”. And Tony Alexander’s recent comments in indicates a correction.

Online Information Session

It’s TBK Capital’s intention to place New Zealand capital raising projects, which we believe would also be suitable for Australian exposure, through Wholesale investor, a leading Asia Pacific private investment platform. And we have done so in the past.

Our Australian Connection

Looking back at the “Almost back to normal” newsletter I sent out in March, it seems an appropriate time to reflect on the changes in attitude and the economy since then.

Almost back to normal

There’s no question in my mind - or that of my friends and business associates - that concerns over the commercial side effects of Covid19 pandemic are lessening dramatically.

Borrowing and Investing in 2022

As we make our way into the New Year and return to work, I thought I should send an Opportunities Update email to those of who subscribe to this newsletter.

Before the Gold Rush

As we all creep, or jump, out of lockdown - to some extent based upon our business but largely upon our attitude - it’s indeed a pleasure to see a new feeling of confidence that accompanies the onset of summer.

Confidence is definitely Up

Readers of my last newsletter which talked about what’s happening to businesses here as New Zealand creeps out of lockdown will, if they’re anything like me, my clients and my friends - feel a renewal of confidence amongst the business community.

Something is happening now, but I don’t know what it is

As New Zealand creeps out of lockdown - and we suddenly realise its only 3 days to the end of September – at last it look like “something is happening” and there’s going to be relief to all businesses as the end to this clampdown draws to a close. A great look is food outlets and restaurants opening. It’s a drag to have to wait outside in spaced queues but at least it’s a start.

Australian Connection and Special Offers

My mother was born in Australia and I’ve been there more than a few times. And other than the compulsory Sydney and Melbourne visits, West to Perth during the America’s Cup, and North to Brisbane and the Whitsundays on other occasions.

Covid-19 – an Opportunities update

While New Zealand has weathered the Covid19 scare better than just about every other country in the world, we have not been untouched by the pandemic.

Investment offers and raising money

As an “eventful” calendar year with Covid19 closes, I’ve been looking back over the newsletters sent, and the investment offers we’ve made, over the last 11 months.

Finance for businesses

At the moment one could not be criticised for concluding that the New Zealand Capital Markets are failing to accommodate the financial needs of businesses in an open and transparent manner.

Borrowing and investing post lockdown

A recent one, as reported in Stuff, says “Here's why things are looking up for the New Zealand economy” which reflects his (and my) opinion that “Our economy is bouncing back, courtesy of good control of the Covid-19 outbreak in New Zealand, high flexibility in our economy, and more”.

Elections, Borrowing and Investing

On the 30th October 2017, following the Jacinda Ardern’s election as Prime Minister, I published a newsletter entitled New Government - New Opportunities. In this I said “there appears to be an acceptance from traditional National followers to the change” [in Government].

Isolation has its advantages

I guess most of us love living in New Zealand, so it’s interesting to see how Wikipedia sees us. And with the world wide Corona-19 virus scare, it’s rather nice to be here.

Investment in Property

A year after we started TBK Capital in 2011, residential and commercial properties were in the doldrums. Much of this was of course still a hangover from the 2008 world wide Subprime crash in which, fortuitously, New Zealand and Australia did not fare as badly as the rest of the world.

Borrowing in the new environment

Sitting in my small home office in Auckland - as I must now by decree - I was delighted to receive another gem of a newsletter from Bob Jones. I actually did meet Bob when I was a raw graduate just out of University in my first job in Wellington, and have admired his columns ever since. This is a must read. I’ll leave it to you to reply to him.

Panic? Borrowing and investing will continue!

As 2020 financial year draws to a close, I’ve had the time to reflect on the recent coronavirus scare – which appears to have introduced some panic on the financial markets. This is a moving matter but at the time of writing this newsletter

Investment in Property

Many years ago, when I was introduced to my first job in Investment Banking, I still remember the advice from the founder of the business saying “Property has been, is now, and always will be the best investment.”

Interest rates and risk

My Newsletter last month - Spring has sprung! - made a number of observations about Jacinda Ardern’s marvellous entry into politics, the lack of substance in the Government underneath, and the rather good state of the New Zealand economy. Well so far so good, nothing much has changed since then.

Sping has sprung!

In it I made the observation that in a report on a recent survey, instead of saying 31% of businesses expected a deterioration in general economic conditions over the coming months, should have said 69% didn’t expect a deterioration - which my logic says is the mathematical result. But maybe that’s just me.

Opportunities Update - September 2019

As we head into the last quarter of 2019, and reflect on the year to date, I find it difficult to feel disappointed in the economy, and the immediate future for business and property.

Procrastination is a thief of time

The other day I was thinking about how the New Zealand economy has performed over the many months just prior the last election through to now - and for some reason the phrase “procrastination is a thief of time” came to mind.

Capital Gains Tax? Business needs some decision Now!

As we now head into March - and the end of the financial year for most businesses - I can’t see any reason to change that view. However there are possibly some dark clouds ahead as the new government has to address some of the promises they made so long ago to win the last election.

Great start to a hot year!

As we all know much of New Zealand shuts down just before Christmas and starts to awaken about mid-January through to now. So it was an encouraging start to the year to read Liam Dann’s recent article in the Herald that “the U.S. Federal Reserve’s has told the world that it will be ‘patient’ in determining the need for more interest rate hikes”.

Committees, Commitment and Uncertainty

A year ago this week I sent you the newsletter New Government - New Opportunities in which I said “there appears to be an acceptance from traditional National followers to the change” [in Government]. So how has economy and business fared since then?

“Property always has been, is now, and always will be the best investment.”

My first introduction to Investment Banking was back in the 70’s when I joined John Russel’s Securitibank – a training ground that has proved to be extremely valuable; especially as my initial job was as his P.A.

Finally - Some Post Election Action

In my newsletter earlier this month I hinted that in both TBK Capital and our sister company Tabak Business Sales we’re finally seeing some action.

Well maybe something is now starting to happen?

I’ve just been looking back at what’s been happening in the New Zealand economy/business sector since the last election. I expressed my thoughts at that time in my 30 October Newsletter, New Government – New Opportunities.

Finance Options Available

Over the years since we started TBK Capital I've written a series of newsletters about raising debt finance for property and business. The first was Bank and Other Funding Options which was published nearly 7 years ago.

Intellectual Property and Exit Strategies

My last newsletter just before Christmas predicted a smooth transition to the new Labour Government with confidence strong. While it’s still early in the new year, and we’re waiting for Parliament to resume on 30th January, this seems to be the case.

Uplift in Confidence Pre Christmas

My last newsletter, New Government – New Opportunities, written about a month ago, predicted a smooth transition from National to the Labour/NZ First coalition, and so far that has been the case.

New Government - New Opportunities

As a few of us stood around at our local watering hole awaiting Winston Peter’s announcement as to who he was to partner with in the new Government, there was a fair amount of apprehension as we predicted that he would partner with Labour.

Opportunities Update - Easter 2017

With a quarter of the calendar year already gone, and with Easter upon us, I thought it was a good time to look at some of the opportunities we have available. Here are 4 quite different ones.

New Unsecured Finance for Business

A year ago I wrote a newsletter entitled Debt Finance Options Available through TBK Capital.

Immigration the Key to Growth

I’d been thinking about it for some time – just how long can these low interest rates go on for?

Busy Year - Current Offers

I’m amazed how fast this year has gone and the surprises it has brought – I meant Donald Trump the next President of the United States! And John Key resigning as PM here! What next?

Investing in Property and Fixed Interest

It’s been a pretty busy few weeks, with Donald Trump elected U.S. president, Leonard Cohen's death, and then earthquakes in the South Island. Not that I’m saying any of these are related.

Baby Boomers, Interest Rates & Retirement

Interest rates are always a subject followed closely by borrowers and investors alike, so I thought it was about time I revisited this topic. In my January newsletter I noted that commentators at that time were concerned a rise in interest rates was fraught with risks, and that it was unlikely the world was going to quickly return to a high interest rate environment.

Social Change and Immigration

My guess is, like most of us here, the news that Great Britain was leaving the EU came as a bit of a shock. But in retrospect I now wonder why I might have even been surprised.

Intangible Assets & Intellectual Property

It was a recent article in the NZ Herald that made me think about the changes that have taken place in businesses since the1980s.

Raising Equity for Business and Property

Wow, my last newsletter - Debt Finance Options Available - certainly got some response. It’s been one of the best read newsletters since we started TBK Capital 5 years ago.

Debt Finance Options Available Through TBK Capital

A while back I wrote a series of newsletters about raising debt finance for property and business, the first of which – Choosing the Best Loan & lender – commenced with the statement “I’m constantly amazed how many bankable projects don’t get financed”.

Low Interest Rates, Business, and Property

Readers of my newsletters will know I’ve been a long-time fan of John Maudlin whose newsletters provide excellent commentary on the U.S. and international financial markets.

Recent Client and Investors Functions

We’ve now held 3 Client/Investor presentations at the excellent function room generously provided by NZX and Link Market Services Limited at Zurich House in Auckland. The first was in February this year, followed by one in October and the last a week ago.

Presentation Evening

A reminder that over the next month or so we will be hosting two presentations evenings.

Pacific Channel Offers - Follow Up Rounds

Further to my last newsletter, here’s a list of some of the investment opportunities being offered by Pacific Channel. Some of these you may have seen before, and now all 3 of them, Footfalls & Heartbeats, Engender, and D’Arcy Polychrome, are seeking their next capital rounds.

Business & Property - Both Looking Strong

The recent volatility in the global share markets that rippled through the business world as the China stock market plunged, and the global volatility prior to that, reminded me of the crash of 1987 and the Global Financial Crisis of 2007. So is there anything different for us here in New Zealand this time? What is the state of our economy? There is some negative comment around!

Opportunities Update - June 2015

In yesterday's Newsletter I talked about how the rise in house prices gives existing owners more equity in their house and therefore more collateral security when borrowing to purchase other assets. And I gave my view of the 3 major advantages of investing in businesses versus other asset classes like property, listed equities, or art and jewellery.

Re-distribution of Capital into Productive Assets

There’s been plenty of news recently about the rampant increase in Auckland house prices and plenty of discussion as to why. How far will it go? Is it a bubble and if so when will it burst? This sort of conversation is certainly not new news. We’ve seen it all before and we’ll see it all again.

From Rock Star to Goldilocks Economy

What an unbelievably good round of weather we’ve experienced in New Zealand since the start of the year. Even cyclone Pam lost strength before it hit here and kept respectfully East enough to really only affect the East coast up North and around Gisborne and Hawkes Bay.

Investor Presentation

It’s been an excellent summer and now that New Zealand finally seems to be back at work, TBK Capital will be hosting a presentation for investors and their advisers in Auckland from 4:30 – 6:30 pm on Tuesday 17 February 2015.

Raising Capital for SMEs

In my last Opportunities Update we observed that with the elections over – and the incumbent government achieving such resounding victory - everyone could breathe a sigh of relief that the uncertainty around other parties' policies have disappeared.

Opportunities Update - October 2014

Resounding Election Victory brings Renewed Confidence

Opportunities Update - 14 August 2014

In their 7 July media release, Motor Trade Association Dealer Service’s Manager Tony Everett said strong motor vehicle sales for the first half of the year across all sectors is a healthy indicator of a buoyant market, with strong consumer confidence.

Opportunities Update - June 2014

In our May newsletter - Confidence Continues in Capital Markets - I reported on how the Debt and Capital Markets here were experiencing a rejuvenation of confidence and how that had been confirmed by both lenders and investors becoming more active.

Confidence Continues in Capital Markets

In last January’s Capital Comment I observed how exciting it was to see and hear the confidence people have about the New Zealand economy this year.

Money for Business

Whether you’re looking to buy, start or expand a business you’ll need money. And the two broad ways in which this can be done is by raising loan or equity finance.

Choosing the Best Loan and Lender

I’m constantly amazed how many bankable projects don’t get financed.

Confident Start to 2014

As we come into the New Year - and now most people have returned from the great Kiwi Christmas break – it's exciting to see and hear the confidence people have about the economy this coming year.

Opportunities Update - 27 November 2013

In my last newsletter – Good Finish to the Year - I mentioned some of the investment opportunities we have available. So as we creep into December I thought I should highlight and update a few that are expected to close before Christmas.

Good Finish to theYear

Yes it’s November already and near the end of the year. And it’s been a pretty good year for New Zealand business.

Opportunities Update - September 2013

Here's our latest Opportunities Update. In it we preview upcoming Opportunities and update you on current projects.

Housing - Reserve Bank Moves

It’s amazing how quickly things happen. It was only a little over a year ago that I talked about the housing market recovering - Active Investment, Opportunities, Housing Market Recovers - then in November 2012 – Housing Up, Lenders Flush, Time to Borrow - and last April – Housing Strength Leads Business Confidence.

Opportunities Update - August 2013

Here's our latest Opportunities Update. In it we preview upcoming Opportunities and update you on current projects.

Finance and Gold

As most subscribers to our newsletters will know debt finance is a large part, in fact the majority, of the funds we arrange for clients. In last November’s Capital Comment News I reviewed the forms of debt finance available for property and business. The section on development finance for property was rather short as this has been difficult to obtain since the Global Financial Crisis.

Housing Strength Leads Business Confidence

As the end of another financial year passes, at TBK Capital we’re celebrating the end of our second year in business. Examples showing the range of fundraisng transactions we completedin the last financial year are given later in this newsletter. We are now looking forward to the current year in a far more positive economic environment.