TBK Capital specialises in sourcing funds for Business and Property projects.

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Welcome to TBK Capital } Specialists in connecting Private & Institutional funders with commercial opportunities.


About } TBK Capital

TBK Capital is a boutique merchant banking firm - established to connect private & institutional funders with Business and Property related projects. As a result, we are able to consult on and structure innovative funding options – through traditional sources and via private placement.

The benefit for the borrower is flexibility and choice. The benefit for the funder is the exposure to a multitude of commercial projects – either via debt funding or via equity placement. learn more?


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Business Funding

TBK Capital works with businesses to determine their need for funds and the application thereof.

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Property Funding

Traditional bank, non-bank and private lending, underwriting and equity and quasi-equity investment including shares, preference shares, convertible notes, and other forms of financial instruments

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The aim of this service is to work with clients and to develop strategies around raising equity and debt.

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TBK Capital was established to help people to obtain loans, raise money, acquire capital, and partner with others through joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions.

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Featured Projects } Selection of our Projects

Retirement Village Development – High Return Potential
Description: As a reader of our newsletters you may have read the Offer to subscribe to the construction of a License to Occupy (LTO) retirement village with an aged care facility in Amberley just out of Christchurch. An indicative loan offer to secure the land and provide the development finance has been received.
Date: 17/9/2019 Click here for more information
Interest rates and raising money
Description: Recent discussions in the media show surprise that the Reserve Bank reduced the Official Cash Rate to 1%, a record low, and raise the question - how much further can this go? And what would be the implication of negative interest rates? Well I’m not going to go there!
Date: 20/8/2019 Click here for more information
Breakthrough in Solving Water Pollution
Description: I hope you read my last newsletter about a New Zealand business that has a patented solution to the world wide problem of disposal of waste water. It converts liquid waste streams into clean water and solids using a multi stage process combining their proprietary chemical flocculation stage with mechanical filtration.
Date: 18/7/2019 Click here for more information
Meeting the Demand for Affordable Housing
Description: New Zealand faces a major housing shortage. There is a need to build more than one hundred thousand homes here over the next ten years. And more than half this demand is located within in the golden triangle of Auckland, Hamilton and Tauranga.
Date: 5/6/2019 Click here for more information
Manuka Oil plantation – early investor sought
Description: As a subscriber to my Opportunities newsletters, you may have read the one I sent a few weeks ago about the opportunity to invest in a fully grown 800+ Ha Manuka plantation in Northland.
Date: 2/4/2019 Click here for more information

News } Stay informed

Opportunities Update - September 2019

As we head into the last quarter of 2019, and reflect on the year to date, I find it difficult to feel disappointed in the economy, and the immediate future for business and property.

4/9/2019 - Read more →

Procrastination is a thief of time

The other day I was thinking about how the New Zealand economy has performed over the many months just prior the last election through to now - and for some reason the phrase “procrastination is a thief of time” came to mind.

26/7/2019 - Read more →

Capital Gains Tax? Business needs some decision Now!

As we now head into March - and the end of the financial year for most businesses - I can’t see any reason to change that view. However there are possibly some dark clouds ahead as the new government has to address some of the promises they made so long ago to win the last election.

6/3/2019 - Read more →

Great start to a hot year!

As we all know much of New Zealand shuts down just before Christmas and starts to awaken about mid-January through to now. So it was an encouraging start to the year to read Liam Dann’s recent article in the Herald that “the U.S. Federal Reserve’s has told the world that it will be ‘patient’ in determining the need for more interest rate hikes”.

12/2/2019 - Read more →

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