TBK Capital specialises in sourcing funds for Business and Property projects.

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Welcome to TBK Capital } Specialists in connecting Private & Institutional funders with commercial opportunities.


About } TBK Capital

TBK Capital is a boutique merchant banking firm - established to connect private & institutional funders with Business and Property related projects. As a result, we are able to consult on and structure innovative funding options – through traditional sources and via private placement.

The benefit for the borrower is flexibility and choice. The benefit for the funder is the exposure to a multitude of commercial projects – either via debt funding or via equity placement. learn more?


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Business Funding

TBK Capital works with businesses to determine their need for funds and the application thereof.

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Property Funding

Traditional bank, non-bank and private lending, underwriting and equity and quasi-equity investment including shares, preference shares, convertible notes, and other forms of financial instruments

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The aim of this service is to work with clients and to develop strategies around raising equity and debt.

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TBK Capital was established to help people to obtain loans, raise money, acquire capital, and partner with others through joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions.

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Featured Projects } Selection of our Projects

Essential Infrastructure Business
Description: EPCM Limited is the result of an amalgamation of 4 separate commonly owned New Zealand companies that provide industrial electrical services to blue chip businesses, and government SOEs such as Vector and Transpower. EPCM was deemed an essential business during the Covid-19 lockdown.
Date: 21/5/2020 Click here for more information
Borrowing and Investment Opportunities
Description: Having spent 4 weeks in hospital after a fall, and now already 2 weeks at home under lockdown, I’ve had plenty of time to read, and think, about a wide variety of topics including;
Date: 24/4/2020 Click here for more information
DryNZ Capital Raise - Exports to China
Description: DryNZ is a Waiuku-based dried ingredients supplier whose business is focused on the export of dried New Zealand fruit and vegetable powders, pieces and slices. It uses a unique vacuum drying technology to manufacture a variety of products, such as breakfast foods, smoothies, fruit teas, snack foods.
Date: 25/2/2020 Click here for more information
Luxury Home development – projected 40% return
Description: Our client has an option to purchase a vacant elevated site atop a prized bay-side location known as ‘The Cliffs’ in Nelson. He is an experienced Property Investor and Developer, and intends to build a luxury home on the site for sale.
Date: 20/2/2020 Click here for more information
Property Investment
Description: Those of you who read my last Newsletter – Investment in Property - may recall I said “Many years ago, when I was introduced to my first job in Investment Banking, I still remember the advice from the founder of the business saying “Property has been, is now, and always will be the best investment.”
Date: 31/1/2020 Click here for more information

News } Stay informed

Elections, Borrowing and Investing

On the 30th October 2017, following the Jacinda Ardern’s election as Prime Minister, I published a newsletter entitled New Government - New Opportunities. In this I said “there appears to be an acceptance from traditional National followers to the change” [in Government].

28/7/2020 - Read more →

Isolation has its advantages

I guess most of us love living in New Zealand, so it’s interesting to see how Wikipedia sees us. And with the world wide Corona-19 virus scare, it’s rather nice to be here.

10/7/2020 - Read more →

Investment in Property

A year after we started TBK Capital in 2011, residential and commercial properties were in the doldrums. Much of this was of course still a hangover from the 2008 world wide Subprime crash in which, fortuitously, New Zealand and Australia did not fare as badly as the rest of the world.

2/6/2020 - Read more →

Borrowing in the new environment

Sitting in my small home office in Auckland - as I must now by decree - I was delighted to receive another gem of a newsletter from Bob Jones. I actually did meet Bob when I was a raw graduate just out of University in my first job in Wellington, and have admired his columns ever since. This is a must read. I’ll leave it to you to reply to him.

15/4/2020 - Read more →

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