TBK Capital specialises in sourcing funds for Business and Property projects.

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Welcome to TBK Capital } Specialists in connecting Private & Institutional funders with commercial opportunities.


About } TBK Capital

TBK Capital is a boutique merchant banking firm - established to connect private & institutional funders with Business and Property related projects. As a result, we are able to consult on and structure innovative funding options – through traditional sources and via private placement.

The benefit for the borrower is flexibility and choice. The benefit for the funder is the exposure to a multitude of commercial projects – either via debt funding or via equity placement. learn more?


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Business Funding

TBK Capital works with businesses to determine their need for funds and the application thereof.

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Property Funding

Traditional bank, non-bank and private lending, underwriting and equity and quasi-equity investment including shares, preference shares, convertible notes, and other forms of financial instruments

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The aim of this service is to work with clients and to develop strategies around raising equity and debt.

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TBK Capital was established to help people to obtain loans, raise money, acquire capital, and partner with others through joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions.

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Featured Projects } Selection of our Projects

New Zealand $100 million tea tree oil export supply agreement
Description: As a reader of our “Opportunities” Newsletters you may recall in 2019 TBK Capital supported a Northland based business in raising the funds to install plant and machinery for tea tree oil extraction.
Date: 5/9/2023 Click here for more information
Therapeutic grade Manuka & Kanuka Oil natural Healthcare Products
Description: Readers of our newsletters may recollect way back in April 2019 one about a New Zealand manuka & kanuka tea tree project in the Far-North. Much progress had been made since then.
Date: 14/7/2023 Click here for more information
Natural Plant Based Medicines
Description: Medical Kiwi Limited is an early-stage company with a global view on the bright future emerging for the plant-derived treatments of disease and disease symptoms, including pain.
Date: 11/5/2023 Click here for more information
SiteSoft - Closing date extended
Description: Looking back on my newsletters about Sitesoft I notice this was first sent to you last year, with a follow up late last month. This is a lot of exposure for one of our investment Offers.
Date: 23/3/2023 Click here for more information
SiteSoft - Final ASX Listing Offer
Description: Subscribers to my News newsletter will have read the recent Update showing SiteSoft’s plans for listing on the ASX. The company is using a SAFE method of investing which limits the downside for the investor and allowing them to benefit on the upside.
Date: 27/2/2023 Click here for more information

News } Stay informed

Housing strength, Business confidence, and Investment spread

If you thought you had seen this heading for one of my newsletters before, you're right. In fact, you've read it twice, here ten years ago and here at the beginning of this year.

13/9/2023 - Read more →

Sitesoft - Pre-ASX Listing Offer

First promoted in November 2021, with a further round a year ago, this has turned out to be one of our most sort after Offers. It has had a total raised from people introduced by TBK Capital of over $1,000,000 with an average investment of $67,000.

1/2/2023 - Read more →

Housing strength and business confidence

I happened to look up my then oldest Newsletter showing on the TBK Capital website. This was written in April 2013, two years after we started the business. And it had the same headline as above - Housing strength leads business confidence.

10/1/2023 - Read more →

Highway22 Revisited

As we approach the end of the calendar year I was interested to see the recent article from 1News reporting the Reserve Bank says New Zealand economy’s 'likely' to enter recession”.

7/12/2022 - Read more →

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